Making a Difference in the Lives of Those in Need

Young Futures was founded in 2012, as a community services organization. Originally, the organization collected and gave away winter coats to adults in need throughout the city of Albany. Over 3 years, Young Futures was able to give away 250 winter coats with the support of community partners like Albany S.N.U.G. In 2015 Young Futures started developing and offering children art activities.

Building a Brighter Future for Our Children Through Art and Financial Literacy

Since, Young Futures has fully focused on children’s art programs, collaborating with other community-based organizations like Mission Accomplished Transition Services, Tru Heart, The Albany Barn, Albany Public Library, City School District of Albany and the African American Cultural Center. Developing programs like “Urban Art” a weekly art class dedicated to providing children innovative art activities and weekly children’s Yoga classes hosted at the African American Cultural Center.

Financial Literacy Arts Program About How to Earn Income in the Creative Economy

Over the past year, leaders in the Young Futures organization have researched and analyzed the development and importance of the creative economy in the Capital District. Recognizing the importance of educating and providing students with an understanding of alternate ways to gain income, Young Futures has developed the Financial Literacy Arts program.

Art + Financial Literacy = A Winning Combination

Taking inspiration from past programs and examples of opportunities in the creative economy, the new art program will incorporate various art and craft skills with lessons that teach our families financial literacy. The Financial Literacy Art program will define the principles you need to develop as a responsible adult (Budget/Banking), and concepts that can help you make better choices (Asset and Liability). The Young Futures Financial Literacy Art program will also help students understand the importance and value of homeownership (Equity) and the practice of using money to make more money (Interest and Credit). The program curriculum will benefit individuals of all ages, specifically targeting ages 6 – 15.

Please see the Financial Literacy Art program outline attached. If you are interested in partnering with us for this program, contact James Mitchell at 518-505-4671, to schedule a time to discuss your level of participation.


Phot of James, Young Futures Teacher

James Mitchell is a community leader-servant who has done dedicated work since 2007, as a youth advocate and career services representative. Working directly with parents and children. In 2015 James founded Young Futures, an institution focused on creating unique art and educational programs that promote the conversation of health and wellness. Young Futures is an institution providing families with an innovative artistic outlet, centered on positive social development and educational growth for the entire family.  Young Futures has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club, Sunnyside Center, Youth Fx, Ben & Jerry’s, The African American Cultural Center, and Mission Accomplished Transition Services. They have hosted several programs, after-school, during the summer, and weekend family activities. James’ mission has always been based on family, self-determination, and unity.

Through the various partnership Young Futures have been able to facilitate:

  • Urban Art program which is a Weekly art class hosted at the Albany Barn and African American Cultural Center (2017 – 2019)
  • Art & Sole – Sneaker Design program, creating over 350 young sneaker designer
  • Yoga Classes: Weekly children’s yoga classes taught by various yoga instructors
  • And now, the Financial Literacy Art Class demystifies concepts of finances for children. 
  • James serves as a father, founder of Young Futures, and community leader most importantly a servant spirit.