Financial Literacy Art Program

Program Purpose

The Financial Literacy Art Program aims to equip children aged 6-15 with essential financial literacy skills through an engaging art-based curriculum. In today’s dynamic financial landscape early exposure to financial education is crucial for children’s future success. Our program recognizes the developmental importance of this age group, as they are at a critical stage for acquiring financial knowledge. By integrating art and financial literacy, we provide a unique learning experience that enhances comprehension and engages children in a creative manner.

Program Functions

Foster Financial Literacy: 

Our program aims to educate children on basic financial concepts, such as earning, budgeting, saving, responsible spending, and different forms of investing. Through interactive lessons, games, and discussions, we empower children to develop a strong foundation in financial literacy.

Cultivate Creative Expression: 

By integrating art into the program, we provide children a platform to unleash their creativity and artistic abilities. Our curriculum offers various art activities, like designing sneakers, painting customized canvas, and making candles and necklaces. We encourage children to explore financial concepts and empower them to think and live abundantly. Our goal is to help them to understand all of the functions of a dollar and build a better relationship with money.

Instill Financial Responsibility: 

Our program emphasizes the value of money and the importance of making informed financial decisions. We do this with hands-on activities, industry experts, videos, and a capstone project that allows children to make money. We help children understand the consequences of their financial choices, encouraging responsible financial behaviors from an early age.

Promote a Healthy Financial Mindset in Families: 

Our program extends beyond the classroom by involving parents in health mindset activities they can do with their children. Recognizing the crucial role of parents in shaping their children’s financial behaviors, we provide resources and guidance for engaging in activities that promote discussions on financial values, goal-setting, and responsible money habits. By involving parents in these activities, we aim to create a supportive and holistic learning environment that reinforces a healthy financial mindset in both children and their families.