Photo ot Young Futures Girl is Busy Painting

Painting is fun

At Young Futures, we immerse our students in a vibrant learning world! Our programs are a lively mix of kinesthetic learning, blending art, real-life scenarios, and interactive activities. Fun fact: did you know that employing playful kinesthetic teaching methods can mitigate the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? Every class is a unique journey, offering a medley of activities, games, and thought-provoking questions for an enriching learning adventure.

By tapping into kinesthetic approaches, we not only lower student stress but also make learning a joyous and memorable experience! Increase their chance to recollect the lessons taught, a great example is our equity class. A topic that is complicated for adults to understand, but we utilize the supplies to express low value and the work they with these supplies to highlight how they have increase the supplies value, creating a candle that they can sell or use for the future to equate to appreciate of the value/supplies they had at the beginning of class.